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My Life...My Journey....

Beginning today I walk  with renewed faith in human kindness. Regardless  of what has gone before. I believe there is hope for a brighter and better future. Now I can still say that my journey is not yet through, and it is long way to go. I can feel it now because I am more mature and more responsible now, but I must admit there’s still part in my life that I have to correct and I feel it soon.
I am now 40 years old and I could never tell what will happen in the near future. Before that good path that I have to undergo with, I want to share with you my life, my journey since childhood until 40’s.. As I go with my story, I can now say that I reach this far of my life with more hardship, sacrifices, tears and blood I shed. I perspire a lot and accept the fact that on this journey of mine I am really alone. Life is not that easy you know.
Before, I was just a simple boy living in a country side in the province that progress is very slow and not that fast. I am from a family of 6 siblings and we have two boys in the family. I am the youngest male son. There is still youngest in the family,  a girl we used to call her Unggay but she has a beautiful name. My father is a very good man, a good father and a good husband. He was very kind with us. He used to drive a public utility vehicle, we call jeepney, in our town or should I say in our barangay. My Mother is a plain housewife, a very caring mother and a good one… She take care of us very well and she cooks very good… I should say we really have a great parents who’s ambition in life is for all of us,  to finished our studies even we are from a poor family. We used to have some animals in the backyard as another source of income of my parents like the pig and some chickens, a native one. We have some vegetable in the backyard too and a small rice field, that we cannot say at all,  that we owned that lot on that time.
Since we came from a big family who’s income is not sufficient enough to send us all by our parents to a private school, so, we all study in a public school,  in elementary and in high school. I can still remember that I am not a very studious boy that time. I seldom read books. I go to school with just a few books and notebook and pads. I am just wearing  as simple ordinary round neck shirt, and ordinary short and an ordinary pair of slippers. That time we do not have yet a school uniform in elementary public school. I taught then life is just simple. I have a very kind and good teacher. At young age I already noticed some girls around me. I could say girls look at me also because I am good looking then, but with a dark complexions  and always has a simple cute smile on my face.  I even notice one girl then, but she ignore me or should I say this girl doesn’t notice me at all because we have a different status in life by then, or maybe just a simple reason that she really doesn’t notice me at all and she does not even notice that I am looking at her already… As a normal elementary boy I experienced all the things that a normal or ordinary student has, like cutting classes or with the barkada. Going to different places and exploring different things like swimming in a river, playing basketball or in a billiard hall playing billiard or playing cards.
When I reach high school it is basically the same, I am not really a studios student, This time there’s a lot of girls around me, from different places and now I am studying in a town proper. Thanks to my parents because spite of hardship in life, because they have a low income, they were able to send us all in high school. What I remember then, I go to high school with only a pair of black shoes, but not branded and not so good and beautiful like my other classmate has.  I only had a pair of white socks, a brown pants and a white polo shirt as my uniform that I have to wash every time I got home so that I can wear it again the following school day. I remember then my barkada or group are not from a wealthy family on my place and we feel we do not belong then. They ignore us and this time I told myself that my life will also change not because of my parents but because of me and I will make my life a difference. I still remember that I had to help my father driving the jeepney sometimes so that my father can rest for a while and still we have money to spend for the family. Most member of my family are girls and we are two boys in the family. My older brother is too good and kind not like me, and I can say that I am more bad that him, especially when it comes to women or girls. I am more good looking that my brother, that’s why also girls are closed to me. I can still remember my teenage life especially when it comes to a public party or a public dance. I am not a good dancer, but I can say that girls goes with me even without dancing, we just chat or talk in a place near the party, with a more private one, a little bit dark, and usually this is in a parking lot where the jeepney used to be park at night. At a very young age I can get what I want to a girl and take note this girls are not just a simple girls but a beautiful one, a young lady, from different places. Girls are from a wealthy families sometimes. They are well known in my place and they are beautiful and intelligent.
But life has so many great options but you don’t have to always pick what seems the best, just pick whatever that makes you really happy and it will be the best. With the Lord’s blessing I was able to finish my high school, but finishing school by then is not that simple because sometimes I do not have money in my pocket or just have a little money on my pocket and I cannot buy anything I want. That started my big dreams, my big, big dreams in life.  I said to myself this should not be like this way. I have to make a difference in my life. If other member of my family will just stay here in my place, I told to myself that I will have go that far to make my life a more good. Whether it is in the right way or not, whether I will used other person in a process or not, but not too bad.
I never regret anything that has happen in my past childhood life and teenage life. I look it as perfect and good,  spite of hardship. It cannot be changed anymore, undone, or forgotten, so I take it as a lesson learned and move on. I know I am from an ordinary poor family in my province and i know that people who has money has always on rule. I told myself that I will continue my studies in college if I can and work if needed and necessary in order to finished my schooling in college. My parents cannot send me in a good school in college because we are so many member of the family are studying in college then. I learned to work and at the same time study. Even I am not a very studios and bookish I still realized  the importance of finishing school in college to have a good work and a good life in the future. But maybe finishing school is not really for me. I cannot decide what course I have to take up. What is in my mind then is to go to Philippine Maritime Institute to take a maritime course related… I did not able to finished it there, so I transfer to another school in Feati in Manila…
Maybe schooling is not really my like, at this age I decided to work first for my good at Jollibee Landmark and in Jollibee Mandaluyong. But because I am so excited to work hard and earn more income I enjoy working and I did not even notice that time is passing by. Working in a fast food change is great,  I taught by then, but, tiring. This time I met the first woman in my life. Since I was still young then, I taught that life is just so simple… I fall in love for the first time to this woman I met on this fast food change that I am working with. This woman is working in a well know Bank in my country then, so I taught life would be better for me. I find her good and kind… and that life is just simple… I have work and she has work too, and I could say that she is from a good family too and maybe we have a good future if we got married. At a very young age of 19 years old I finally decided to get married to this woman, who became the mother of my two children… I had a very wonderful, good, kind, loving and God fearing son and daughter. Of course if you have already additional member of the family, responsibilities also become bigger and bigger, and getting heavier and heavier as the times goes by. I even experience doubling my time and effort to make more money for my family and I even experience working in a constructions company by then… I told myself oh life should not be like this one, working in a very hot place and you will perspire more and more so I decided to find a new job for me and for my family. I find another job again.  But finding job for me is not that very easy because I was not able to finished my college degree… what would I expect in myself??? I cannot get a good job because I have nothing… With my pride down I got a janitorial job in Makati... I do my best as a janitor in order for me to be noticed by my boss, so they can give me another job that is better and higher that a janitorial one… God really loves me because I was able to be hired as a janitor again but this time  in  one of the famous law firm in town by then… I really work hard and good and thanks God one of the boss realized my diligence at work and being a hard working staff,  so she help me to be a messenger now and an ordinary staff in accounting department… I could say to myself that my life is starting a difference already…
Maybe I was over whelmed by that change that time that I did not even noticed that I am getting to have a barkada  and making gimiks and experiencing everything that an ordinary young gentlemen had to experience, like going out in a group, knowing how to smoke, know to drink and know how to use of other habits that is not good for the health and even being a  womanizers, but  I am not that bad then… We used to deal with other bad guys, make an easy money… I even experience going out with other woman even I know I am already married then… I do not have any relationship with them or her, but we used to be closed because maybe I was mis-interpreted by that woman I go out with,  a diner or lunch only… and maybe I was so sweet and good looking then by that time… so woman can easily fall for me…..I used to get some materials things from this woman easily by making my sweet nothings words……but since all of these are not good  and a bad habit at all,  I did not even noticed my life is fast  changing but not for good and  my responsibilities to my children and to my wife is getting affected already…I am starting to have a problems with my family and with my wife…. A lots of differences with my wife came out and we cannot agreed and understand any more at all… We used to fight like just an ordinary husband and wife… and it turn down to get separated with each other… Even my children is still young then and they cannot understand what is going on with their parents…I can’t do anything at all and we come to a point that we have to be separated. I feel so sorry for my two children…they are not the one suppose to be suffering and experiencing a broken family…… I love them very much but I cannot do anything good for them...At their early age I was able to leave them to their mother and I have to go somewhere….to find myself then….But I promise to myself that one day I will pay all that I have owe with my children and to give them the best education they needed and best life that they still need and want to have even without me around.
Now I know what I want in a relationship, figure out what is needed and to do the next to get the ball rolling in the right directions and then take a different step to get that started…Because my family then is much worried about me they want to help me but they don’t really know how… This time they introduce to me another woman from a  good family too and this time has a difference… She is also a Filipino like me but then living already in America… I did not even give them a much attention that time… I taught life has to move on… and now I can see that pursuing my life here in my own country is not that good specially on a persons like me who has no good education in college and no good experiences at work…I told myself I will try my luck moving to America and have my luck there…. Pursuing to have work in America is not that easy again…. It will take a lot of paper work, documentations and also money, a big money again to spend with in processing my visa, I know I cannot get a working visa, it was so difficult so I try the tourist visa and as a consultant going to Amerika….Processing papers entails a lot of hardship and hard work,  and thanks God I was able to make it…. This time going to Amerika…The place I taught is good for making a good future and a good life…  
I am now going through an intense personal growth spurt. I  noticed it’s more when you're asked to do so… If you're not sure about your next step, don't make it. If anyone can stall, it's you. Put those talents to work. Now this time something I have never tried before -- and you pull if off with flying colors.
I think It's time to turn my passion into a money-making venture. Use my only faith in myself to explore some new ideas. Emulate what others have done and don't vary from that approach. If I can copy the moves of the experts, I'll probably get similar results.
I feel so much confidence in myself that I may be in a position of leadership but I do not sure how to handle. Take my time. Eventually, I 'll know what to do with this newfound power. Until then, make decisions with the help of those who have gone before me.
Life in America is not that easy… so I have to get in touch with another woman to draw more strength. I taught at this time this is what I need and this is the good thing I have to be done for myself, because I do not know anyone in California, I do not have family or even relatives in California so I get in touch with another woman, whom I know…. This time another phase of my life is getting faster and faster again… I did not even think, if, this is good for my life again.  I met this woman and I made her part of my life… This time I have the second woman in my life. I fall in love with her.  I did not give any importance by then what is the meaning of real love and what is really falling in love… I got married with her… I just taught it is part of life getting married again… I have another two lovely and good boys with this marriage… I taught life is just like that… me having a job and my wife too….. I was able to provide them some of their basic needs with a lot of hard work of course… I taught my life now is getting better… and better and making it easy…..I was able to work in different establishment like  in a restaurant…. to be particular is  Max Restaurant and Lion’s Restaurant in San Francisco California….
 I am a man to…and have to experience again a barkada or a group that is not a good influence in my life as a married man…. I have to experience some contact with other girls for my physical need and challenges… like what other boys is saying….. tasting other menu or food… umm  but I  hope the readers got what I mean this time …and instead of going straight home from work  I used to go other places again and experience some bad habits as the usual bad boy has…. What are those….to mention a few is like smoking, drinking, go with other woman and some bad habits…that you don’t know what you are doing….coz you’re high maybe and even dealing with bad guys selling something and I maybe that time I almost got on jail….i did not noticed,  this is happening in my life again… I did not mind again  at once because maybe,  I am still looking forward for a life that is totally complete… it was that bad… that instead of going to a good path, I go with the wrong path in life…This is the reason why my wife now get mad at me and made a decision for me to be out of our own house and she does not care for me anymore… even her family do not like what I did…. I have no place to go where…. Then that time I suddenly realized I have already a big problem on my face….i cannot do anything any and instead of falling into trap that is not really good… I told myself I have to do something for myself and realized what I have done…. I left my wife and my two sons in California and move to Kansas to my sister… This is the only place I can go to make a difference.
I may not be in a position to prove to my wife and to my wife family of changes that I have sure how to handle. It take time, eventually, I 'll know what to do with this newfound power in me but in Kansas,   Until then, make decisions with the help of those who have gone before me. I can make a big, big change in my life but this time…and I am sure of this time that this is for the good of myself, my life and my two broken families that I made…
When I move to Kansas, I have nothing but to prove to myself and to my families and to the family of my ex-wife  that this time I can make it…. I have to….. and I can really make a difference…. I move fast… I have two works….  I double my time….I work in a Marriot Hotel as a hotel crew. I work also in Wall Mart as a cashier and I even work in Dillard Mall in men’s suite department… I save my money on those work I got…. I realized to myself that I can even do more and be good…. No bad habits at all…. Stop everything… I stop smoking, stop drinking and stop womanizing….and other bad habits that I used to have and stop that all… I had a lot of challenges in life….while working in one of the establishment in a men’s suite sales department one of the guy who used to buy clothes on this mall notice my kindness and my personality as a salesman, and he told me, you want to work with me??? You can go places somewhere in sales…. He approaches me and even ask me If I want to work with him in selling car….and I was laughing at him that time and told him, sir maybe you have mistaken me… what do I know about cars and specially selling cars…and the man said… with your kind of personality I am sure you can make it and go somewhere in sales… if you feel like working with me here is my calling card and call me….
Maybe that time God is giving me an opportunity to be in a more good place or should I say a good work… I call the guy who talk to me and even ask him to help me find a job… The job that he told me when we first met in a department store…. This time in Rusty Eck Ford Car Dealership in Kansas…one of the biggest and good car dealership in that country….
The General Manager who talk to me before show a potentials in me…show a different personality in me… that I can make a good sales in car….Surprisingly with the blessing and help of the Good Lord and with all the enthusiasm in work and diligence in work and the likes to prove to my families that I can make a difference now. I did may best… On the first month of my employment and that is  November 2007 I was recognized as Employees of the Month already, because of the good record in sales that I made… and I do it regularly… or most of the month… I should say I am Employee of the Month….This time I could really say that my life has really change for a better… not only for a better but for good…. During the time of my stay in Kansas City for 9 years I was able to buy my own house… provide good clothing and shelter for myself… I was able to buy a branded cloth, shoes, perfumes, and everything that a man’s gadget has….i was able to acquire it… My family have notice it also… I was able to buy my own car…and even up to the extend of  collecting cars… up to 6 units…. I am always buying clothes, shoes,…. all branded…. I acquire all the materials things that i do not  have during my childhood life or my teen age life….
My ex-wife here in America knows and hear all about what happen in me here in Kansas… They were able to move here….so I noticed that I have another problem again to face with… but this time I told myself that I can now handle it easily…now that I have something… I can now provide for my two kids anyway… up to the extend that we goes to a legal process of getting divorce and give the right alimony for my wife and the right child support to my two sons here in America….everything is putting into right places this time I can tell to myself…. Not only this… I can even send my two children left in the Philippines into the best schools in my home country and send them money and send them their allowances and other materials things they needed in her teenage life… I want that all my kids experience the best life they can and not to experience the experience I had in my life…. I love them all very much….i really do…my children is my weaknesses now…  I will shed my blood for them… I do not know if they all realized how much I love them even we are far away from each other… I know it would be very difficult to put them all in one places because they came from a different mother, but I still hoping soon with the blessing of the lord that I can still put them together as one family…. I believe God will send me someone to help me to put these things to happen….
I still have to continue my life, my journey… I still have to look forward too on the aspect of my life that is lacking now and I know it and I can feel it… I am not getting any younger now and I have to be with someone for the rest of my life… the one that I can be with….. the one who can understand me,  my personality, my attitude and accepts me  for who I am really now… and for who I will become in the near future…the one who will love me most and the one who I will love most…and in God's help and in God's time  i can be able to find one...
I know my life is not yet there at the tip and have a long way to go… At this point in time I never get all the things I want but I got the right thing for me on perfect timing with God’s Blessing, never early, never late. It take a little time and more patience and its takes a lot of faith…. but it’s worth the wait…
Thank  you  God for all of the blessing… please continue to guide me…..This is my life, my journey.... :)

Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Auto Review: 2012 Ford F150 XL

2012 Ford F150 XL The F150 has been a favorite in the full-size truck category for decades, and the new 2012 Ford F150 XL is here to remind us why. The sleek, masculine exterior boasts a tall front end with a large grille and muscular lines while the interior cabin does not compromise on the comfort and luxury desired by any driver. This isn’t a basic work truck; it’s one that you can live your everyday life in, and enjoy it.
The F150 XL comes in 3 available engines – the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, 3.7L V6 FFV and the 5.0L V8 FFV. Adding the EcoBoost will give you 360 horsepower for the feel of the V8 and higher towing capacity, while the new 5.0 V8 engine (the same engine as the Mustang GT) has been retuned for increased low-end torque. Along with the new engines, electric power steering has been added.
Interior features include:
  • climate control
  • large, easy-to-read gauges
  • fully flat load floor for maximum cabin-carry capacity
  • dome lamps
  • power locks with integrated keyless entry
  • Powerpoint front and rear
  • cruise control
  • overhead console with storage bins
  • fold-out cup holders
  • Easy Fuel capless fuel filler
  • auxiliary audio input
  • two-ton jack capacity
  • vinyl or cloth seating
The exterior gives the F150 XL the iconic look of Ford and includes features such as:
  • painted front and rear step bumpers (or chrome in the optional package)
  • black grille with bar-style insert
  • removable tailgate with key and lift assist
  • tailgate step
  • box side steps
  • cargo box tie-down hooks
  • running boards
  • power side mirrors with telescoping trailer tow
  • quad-beam halogen headlamps
  • skid plates
  • Ford Work Solutions – cable lock system by Master Lock
  • rear window with fixed solar tinted glass
The Ford F150 XL also comes with a bunch of standard safety features such as dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, Safety Canopy side curtains, four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, the SecuriLock passive anti-theft system, remote keyless entry and SOS post-crash alert system. It comes standard with stability control in addition to hill starter and trailer-sway control – a great feature for anyone who does serious hauling. You can also add features like a rearview camera.
Because electronic power steering was integrated with the engines for 2012, the F150 XL responds quickly and deftly to inputs. It handles extremely well for a pickup this size and with all of the customizable options it’s easy to find one that fits your exact specifications. Whether you need a no-nonsense work truck or seek a more luxurious, sporty truck experience, the 2012 Ford F150 XL has something to offer.

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Markdow Time

RUSTY ECK FORD DEALERSHIP -----Come out here today! It's MAJOR MARDOWN TIME! Come and check out the HUGE MARKDOWNS! We have over 500 pre-owned vehicles and the largest inventory of new Fords in Kansas to choose from! Something for everyone!

Trust Sales Tips

           Actually as a Sales Professional in Rusty Eck Ford Dealership in Kansas and for a having several years of experience in sales in this company, I can say that there are numbers of articles about building sales trust tip focused on how you can develop greater level of trust with potential customer during the sales process. According to several researches and surveys published and documented, the level of prospect trust in the person selling your services and/or products is the number one  factor in making a decision to purchase.

            I have read an article written by Rob Reed which entitled “ Thirteen Tips To Selling More Successfully as a Trusted Professional” which I would like to share with you or to other Sales Professionals. I will mentioned the thirteen tips and give a very brief descriptions on my point of view. As Rod Reed said “ Do you want to sell more successfully using an honorable and straightforward approached?

1.       Attitude can be everything. – it is very significant to remember that your attitudes drives all actions and this actions are apparent by buyers as trust-building.

2.      Truly believe in the products or services and company for which you are sell – if you don’t believe in the products and services will do good to your buyer, then you will be constantly in struggle with yourself during the sales process.

3.      Intimately know the product or services and environment in which you sell. – know much more of your product or services, as well as competitor’s products and services.

4.       Live within your means – prospect don’t like to fell like you are desperate for business and have to earn more coz you need money.

5.      Focus on helping the prospect rather than making a sales – focus on the prospect need first and foremost.

6.      View yourself as an advisor -  a different mindset that may be foreign to a lot of salespeople. Adopt the mindset that you're an advisor with the primary goal of identifying and fulfilling your potential customers needs then  your attitudes and actions will be perceived very differently.

7.      Focus on the long term

8.      Some business are not worth pursuing - be realistic about each sales opportunity, you're not going to win every sale, so why work under the assumption that you will? 

9.      Tell the prospect if you product or services will not met their needs

10.   Ask Questions, Listen and Take Notes – taking notes will believe your clients.

11.   Follow the 80/20 rules – 20 % you are the one talking and 80% talking will be done by the customer.

12.    Be direct – answer questions of the prospect directly.

13.   No “closing” - No buyer likes to feel they are being manipulated or "closed." Make a recommendation, preferably with several options for the prospect to consider.

I can say trust is really important factors too in us Sales Professionals…

Miyerkules, Marso 28, 2012

Salesman Sales Tip

For the past several years, being a salesperson can be one of the most lucrative professions in the entire world.  Magnificent sales people can make 5 to 6  figure salaries and/or  even 7 figures salaries. I know it may seem a lot but it's true. With your dedications,  commitment and investment in yourself you can be just as successful.

Even if you're selling very cheap products right now and can’t imagine making the kind of money  I have mentioned and wrote about, know that once you grasp the art of selling, you can easily make the transition to selling more expensive stuff and make HUGE Commissions.

In this lens I will give you some valuable Salesman tips, or maybe tricks, and some more important secrets, on selling …and will also review a few selling resources which can teach you the  two most important abilities which makes a great salesperson…

As we go along with this article… I will give you first the 1st Tips of a Good Sales Professional…but before that here are the two most important abilities that I have mentioned above:

1. Know How to Get People To Do What You want
2. Know  How To Make Yourself Believe That You Can Closed Any Deal and Succeed

Here's now the Sales Tip :

Salesman Tip # 1.  Know The Business You're In

Remember the customer is searching or looking  for guidance. A good salesman can get the customer to change his or her mind and to buy something else than what he or she intended when they came into your dealership/business. But there is important key on it… you won't be able to do that if you don't appear to be an expert in your field
While you are in a clients or customer don't try to make things up because you may end up embarrassed when caught in a mistake and may even harm the reputation of the place you work at…. Learn the business you're in and always be prepared with some gadgets or brochures…. Be aware of all the features of the products or services that you offer.
Remember this ,you will have to be able to answer any or many questions by customers.,unless you have all the necessary know how or knowledge at your fingertips, remember  you will lose potential sales so be very careful…